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---A picture from COD: World at War

-- This is a picture from COD: Black Ops and it is from the mission WMD, which stands for weapons of mass destruction. Although I don't really like this mission, I chose it because it sort of reminds me of the snow here at KMLA (GLPS).

COD is the acronym of Call of Duty, a very popular FPS (First Person Shooter) video game series that was made in 2003. It has over 30 games in its series with 10 main titles. I've played World at WarModern Warfare: 4, and Black Ops. Although I really love Call of Duty, I have only played these 3 titles and only on the Wii. So, I have only been able to play the campaign missions and the Nazi zombies mini game from World at War. Out of the 3 titles that I have played so far, I like World at War the most. In the game, player fight the Japanese and German soldiers in World War II. I liked it the most because I got to fight in World War II, a war that I really know a lot about. I got to sort of use the old Browning machine gun, the Luger (German handgun) and several other famous guns such as the German MP40 and the STG44, the first assault rifle. As much as I like the series, I don't like the fact that you kill people, and that it is offensive especially for the Japanese, Germans, and Russians because in the series, they are the ones you have to "kill". I also really don't like the prospect of making war- a total disaster and waste of precious human lives- into a "fun" game that anyone can play. Like movies, it creates stereotypes that war is cool, or something like that.

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