Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Diamonte Poem

I finished the photo essay and I was wondering what to do. Flipping through the purple blog book that Ms. Angela gave us at the start of camp, I found a few pages on diamonte poems and decided to do it just for fun. OK, so here it is…
Don't forget that there is an explanation of the poem at the bottom!!!


horse and buggy, red

testing, boasting, purging

blood, language, DMZ, Korea 

discovering, studying, developing

intricate, egalitarian


Explanation: There might be some words here that you may not have heard of. Let me explain the meaning of each word. Here they are:

1. horse and buggy--- A buggy is basically a wagon with a horse driving it. This is an adjective that means that something is old fashioned like the horse and buggy which    people stopped using after the invention of modern automobiles. I used this adjective because North Korea, as you know is very behind in terms of technology. For example, they're still using weapons from the WWII or Cold   War era.

2. Red--- This is just a word that describes communism. I think that this name stuck because the color red was used extensively by the Soviet Union and China

3. Purging--- This is a verb that means to eliminate someone (usually someone with power) in a violet and sudden way. I chose this word in particular because Kim Jong En, the dictator of North Korea, recently killed Jang Song Taek, one of the highest government officials in the Communist Party. 

4. Intricate--- This is just a word meaning sophisticated and advanced. South Korea has the best internet connections for example

5. Egalitarian--- This is a word that means promoting equal rights for everyone. It has a similar meaning to democratic...

Now, let me explain the words in the middle. Although this was sort of an antonym diamonte poem, I chose 4 things that the North and South have in common such as blood, ancestry, language, the same Korea, the DMZ etc etc.
Also, a notable thing is that the poem sort of looks like the Tae kuk symbol on the S. Korean flag. I hope that one day our country may unite and that we can live without worrying that there might be another war someday.

Thank you for reading!!!!!! This may be my last post so bye!!!


  1. why are you dissing NK? They are better than you HAHAHA joking good work.

  2. Great job on this diamante poem. I really enjoyed it and think you are very creative.