Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photo Essay

There's a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But, perhaps a picture can have more value if the photo is also explained with words. Anyway, for my photo essay, I will post 6 pictures that are related to living here at GLPS. My writing won't exactly be describing the photo because I think that it would make it even more boring than it is now.

1. Notebook---

This is a picture of the notebooks we all got on the third(?) day of GLPS. I really love the fact that they have springs because it makes it easier to rip off pages you need or want to discard. However, the one thing that I didn't like about the notebook was the glossy feeling of the paper. It seemed like there was some coating done on the paper and it made writing on the notebook irritating, especially when using a pencil. The notebook has a square shape and "KMLA" is written on the cover in silver writing.

2. Food---(Sorry, don't have a photo for this yet...ㅠㅠ)

The food here at GLPS is to me really, really good. It's like maybe 4 or 5 times better than what I had in my school. Which reminds me, I really hate the free meal policy that the Korean Education Department (or whatever they're called) passed. The food at my regular school wasn't good, but still it was okay. But, after they passed this free meal thing, the food is literally inedible. In the soup, they would put a bunch of water in it so that they could produce as much soup possible for the least amount of money. Let me tell you that the soup tasted terrible (bland). It was very similar to putting too that taste you get when you put to little cocoa powder in your hot chocolate. Also at school, the combination of the meals are so weird and awkward. For example, they would serve curry with some spinach and an apple. But, I have no right to criticize the food because it is free after all. I don't know if it was because I had always eaten this kind of food at school, but the food here is just terrific. There's a lot of meat and I think more effort was put into making it then at school. It may be because of the fact that we all paid tons of money to come here, but still it is pretty good. (well at least to me) Because so much food is made in the cafeteria, the moment the elevator doors open, the aroma of food comes into your nose.

3. IPod---

So, this is a picture of my IPod Nano (gen 7). After Steve Job's death in 2011, I felt that Apple was going down the toilet. Just check out the apple website and look at all the products. The only real change that was made is color. Before, they only sold black and white, but know they sell green, blue, yellow and what not. And guess what?! No innovation what so ever. No new gadgets or cool stuff. The only change: the hue of their already well designed products. Okay, many people will love the fact that they can now buy a colorful IPhone, but it is the software that really matters. I fear that Apple, one of the most creative companies in the world has now put a fence around their genius. Even though I say this I do still like Apple. So anyways, in great need of an MP3 player I bought the IPod Nano because I already had a Mac Book Air and the design looked good etc etc. The IPod Nano, is about the size of a business card, and has a rectangle shape. It is made of mostly Aluminum and it feels very nice in your hand and you can barely feel it in your hand because it is very light. I really don't think that I could have survived without all of my favorite music to lift my spirits, especially when I was really exhausted because of all the work that I had to do. Occasionally, when I had to study in the bathroom (they cut all electricity to the dorms except for the bathroom) I would listen to some noisy songs to keep myself up. Being a huge Eminem fan, 95% of all the songs in my IPod are Eminem songs and I've also memorized most of the lyrics for almost every song as well. It might seem like an incredible feat of memory, but it's actually pretty easy because most of the lyrics rhyme.

4. EOP paper---

Everyone in GLPS has probably gotten one of these before. In this photo, you can see that there are maybe 12 sentences that you would have to memorize. But, on the first week of GLPS, EOP papers used to be almost twice as long as they are now. I guess that the PAs, realizing that we weren't smart enough to memorize so much, reduced the quantity of the sentences that we had to memorize. Anyway, the EOP paper would usually have you memorize something interesting such as a Bane (villain from Dark Knight Rises) quote, or a description of a snitch. On this particular one, it has a Mr. Smith(Matrix) quote on what humans are. The EOP paper is just a A4 paper that has a bunch of writing on it. It might just be me, but whenever I hold one of these in my hand I get the feeling of wanting to crumple it up and play paper basketball.

5. Green/Yellow/Red Cards

These cards are all of the same size and same shape, the only difference is what each card means. Green cards equal good job, yellow cards say that you're in trouble, and red cards say that you are a bad kid. I don't quite understand the hype about these cards. They're just a piece of paper made to try and control little kids. On a few occasions I noticed that some kids were doing all they could for that (useless) paper card and I was confused. Honestly, who cares about green cards? It's just a way to get kids to compete and participate more. Now, let's look at the yellow and red cards. Many kids are afraid of recieving these cards because you can't get an award if you get too many of these. First of all, I think that it isn't the yellow cards that prevent you from getting an award. It's actually your own lack of skill or effort that stops you. I think it's okay to get 1 or even 3 of these. It's just a colored piece of paper after all. However, I am not saying that we should misbehave or something like that and I also don't mean to offend anyone. I just think that some kids are putting too much fuss about these cards.

6. Jacket---

God, it is just so cold here at KMLA. It's always below 0 degrees and the occasional gale of wind really doesn't help. To add to that, the buildings are about maybe 200m apart and we have to walk all the way up- or down-to our next class. In this blood freezing place up in the mountains, my jacket was really a life saver. Imagine leaving your jacket in your dorm. You would have to single handedly battle the flesh biting cold of Korea. In these circumstances your jacket will truly help you stay warm and alive. So, when you walk to your next class, please don't forget to take your jacket. 

These are my pictures and each of their descriptions. There are some parts where I exaggerated a bit, but still most of what I said is true. All the photos were taken with my friend's camera, so I would really like to thank him. If there's another everyday thing that is important here at GLPS, please comment and I will add it to this post. Thank you for reading!!! Hope everyone has a good time for the remaining few days left of GLPS.


  1. It's wonderful to read a good descriptive writing about GLPS. I think you tried very hard to take photos around KMLA! Also, I like your photos because it shows the sight very well. Anyway, I think you did a really good job!!! ^^

  2. Thank you! I hope some of my writing has been relatable

  3. Bryson- You did a great job with your photo essay. You are a talented writer but I think you should add more descriptions using your senses (sight, smell, sound, taste and touch).