Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Movie Review: Frozen

My mom had reserved seats for this movie a few days ago telling us that we had to watch this great movie. Although I respected my mom's opinion, I was honestly not cool with the idea of watching what seemed like another princess movie. But then, I remembered the movie Princess Bride from GLPS and decided to watch it.
Here's the trailer:

Frozen is an anamation movie that was released (in Korea) about 2 weeks ago. It was directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Despite the asian looking name, Jennifer Lee is actually American. This really reminds me of Mr. Albert Lee from GLPS21.
Anyways, the movie opens with a short episode of Micki mouse. In the cartoon, Micki and his friends rescue Mini, Micki's girl friend, who is captured by some fat dude. While this was happening, the 2D cartoon characters would jump in and out of the screen to become 3D and almost real life characters. Although I was watching the digital version of Frozen, at this short intro cartoon, I almost had the illusion that I was watching 3D and was in the wrong theater room. So, after this came the movie itself.
Here's a short clip of the beginning of this small cartoon unfortunately it doesn't show the most creative and interesting parts.

So, here is the summary of the movie:
(Don't worry because there are no spoilers just things on IMDB): Elsa, princess of Arendell, has a beautiful and dangerous gift. She can make snow and ice at will. After an incident where she almost froze her sister Anna, Elsa isolates herself from everyone to hide what she thinks is her curse. On Elsa's coronation day, the firmly closed doors of Arendell are opened for the first time in many years.  Everything seems good especially for Anna, Elsa's sister.
(Before I go on… Here a comparison of Anna and Rapunzel. Although there are some differences, they do look a little similar)

Anna finally gets to meet real people at a real ball. She even meets Hans, a prince who Anna thinks is her true love. However, things turn bad as Anna triggers Elsa's emotions, causing Elsa to lose control over her ability. Elsa accidentaly makes ice in front of everyone. Her dreaded secret revealed at last, Elsa flees from Arendell, and sets off an eternal winter that even she can't control. Determined to turn things back to normal, Anna embarks on a dangerous journey to find her sister Elsa. On the way she accompanied by Kristoff, a ice seller; Sven, Kristoff's reindeer; and Olaf, a very cute and funny snowman. The four travel through the harsh terrain, hoping to find Elsa and bring an end to the eternal winter magic she set off.

This movie was very surprising and broke the structure and format of the traditional princess movies that Disney usually comes up with. Instead of the traditional prince and princess romance kind of thing, in this movie there was a lot of emphasis on love between family as you can see with Elsa and Anna. Also, there is a big difference especially in the character of the princesses. Back in old times, princesses were like these puny and beautiful women who were basically just sitting there waiting for their true love to rescue them. But, in this movie the princess, especially Anna is a very outgoing and strong person, who actually changes the story. For example in a traditional princess movie, the princess would be in danger and some handsome and strong prince would run off to rescue her. However in this movie it is not the prince who goes looking for Elsa. It is actually the princess (Anna) who goes.  Another aspect of this movie is that it sort of different from old movies is the meaning of love. Although you will find out if you watch the movie, love isn't always what it seems to be... A character I really loved was Olaf, which is the snowman that helps Anna. He was very funny and his jokes often helped me stay focused on some of the "boring" parts of the the movie. It was really funny how a snowman would say that he wanted summer back saying that he wanted to know what the warmth felt like.  There was something I noticed and it was that the trolls from the movie looked sort of like the Jeju Do key chain souvenirs. Here are pictures of each so you can compare them:

There were also a lot of parts, especially in the beginning where the characters would sing. The songs were pretty catchy and at times it was like watching a cartoon musical.
Here's a clip of the song "Let it Go":

The anamations on this movie were also very good. It created a more realistic and artistically beautiful world. Even though it's just snow, the animations made the scenes look really magical.
Here's a picture of the ice castle form the movie. Beautiful, isn't it?:

Anyways this movie really goes outside the box in terms of storyline and characters and this was probably what made the movie interesting. This is (for me) the best animation movie I've ever seen so far. The story wasn't as obvious as the former princess movies like Snow White or whatever and I think it's pretty good. Hopefully I haven't spoiled the movie for you and I do recomend that you watch the movie.

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