Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pop Song Contest

So, today we had the pop song contest in the gym at 4. I was nervous , but sort of confident because we had practiced a lot with Mr. Blaney Sir. Our class chose to do Micheal Jackson's "Thriller".

We were going to go for a modern pop song, but we chose this song instead because we thought this song would bring up lots of nostalgia from the judges. After choosing the song we had to make the dance. Mr. Blaney really did much of this. To match the song we had this zombie theme. The most interesting part our dance was when all the zombies chased the two humans (Freddy and June) and eventually ate them. To make us look more like zombies our PA, 지영, helped us put do zombie make up. It was the first time that ever had make up done on my face (aside from suncream if that counts as make up), so it felt very weird and awkward and more so because a girl did applied the sticky stuff on me. Anyways, despite our efforts, at the contest we got second place. Everyone was disappointed. We had spent so much time practicing and Mr. Blaney Sir had invested a lot of his time too. While writing this, I suddenly remember a saying that the losers always have the most to talk about.

--Picture of our class at the pop song contest. (

The problem for us was that unlike when we practiced, we didn't sing loudly enough. I really regret the fact that I didn't tell anyone that we should use the mics. Maybe we would have won if we did so...
I feel sorry for Mr. Blaney Sir, and wish we could have won, at least to make him feel a little better. I'm not sure if he is pissed off, but if he is I understand. After all, he was the one who made the dance and plan everything. I even saw his notebook, which was filled with drawings of the dance moves.
At least get second and we all did our best. I want to end this post by saying thanks to everyone in our class. Cheer up everyone!!!!


  1. It was your first make-up? Oh kkk and you felt awkward kk well...Sorry :D I pretty much forced make-ups on you
    But there was no other choice kkkkkk Let's forget it and satisfy with second place we've got:D

    Yeah-! Cheer up everybody!

    1. agree-- It's not bad. Just live with it! At least we got second place. Also, I'm sure there would be another time when you would need to wear makeups. Just think you've practiced it. Maybe, your future girlfriend would force you to wear makeups. :D