Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Funny Looking Picture

This is a picture-obviously- of Kim Jong En, the current dictator of North Korea. He was ugly even with his normal face, but now that his face is all puffed up like a cheese ball, he looks horrendous. Just attach some snakes on his hair, and make his skin scaly, he could be Medusa's husband.
With a simple deduction from this picture, I think I have found why his face is like that. Just look at the buttons on his coat. As you can see, they all have radioactive signs on them. So, we can assume that because this poor dude ordered so many nuclear tests, even he himself has been nuclear poisoned. As you all know, if you get exposed to too much radiation, it will slowly cook your flesh and make you deformed. Maybe that's why his face is so puffed up. A funny thing I noticed about this picture is that although his face is bigger, his eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows etc, are still in their regular position. Before I stop, I have a quick "fun" fact. Kim Jong en, actually didn't look like what he does know. It is said that he had plastic surgery done to make him look more like his father, Kim Jong ill.
Here's a comparison of the father and son. The first picture is the Kim Jong en, and the second picture is Kim Jong ill.
Oh, and Kim Jong En. Please don't use my post as an excuse to nuke us and make us get all puffy like you. Thank you!!!!!


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